Bittunes.. for bands & fans

Because, being ‘Independent’ means the power is finally in your hands..


Who wants to be dependent?

Borderless global independent music, without all the industry bollocks..


Control is in your hands..

If you provide supporting services to musicians, this is your platform..



is like an Island..


in an Ocean

of Independent Music..

Its a place where we celebrate the unusual, the amazing, the innovative stuff..

and let you sort it.. so the most awesome music floats to the top.


This vast ocean has huge amounts

of undiscovered, diverse, truly great music.. and


No Multinational Record Labels, or Rights Territories

and no such thing as ‘Music Piracy’..


(because there is no ‘Piracy’ if all tracks are uploaded and traded by independent rights holders)

Did we mention..
you can earn bitcoin



just by buying and sharing?


This is because we move distribution to the network level, away from corporations



The Bittunes platform is for independent music only..

This allows Artists to effectively self-publish.. independent from outdated music industry and legacy financial systems

Bittunes totally changes the basis of competition for digital music, providing new incentives to share and trade music again..  The unique dynamics of this platform level the playing field for Artists who for various reasons may not want to play the industry game..

US2‘Be here Now’ by Hawaii based Artist/Producer Cory French is perhaps such an example.. Cory is involved in a few Bittunes accounts.. put your ear-buds in, enjoy!

space_flat space_flat

It's a discovery platform.. and not just for new bands

Many great bands and Artists are no longer actively playing gigs or have the support of an indie label or promoter..

But this does not mean that their music has passed it’s ‘use by date’.. In Bittunes, songs float up Top 100’s on their merit, not because they fit this season’s trend, or are being pumped by a Label.. unearthing some great bands that may have otherwise not received the recognition they deserve, for example:

UK‘Student Bodies’ by UK band Kinlove, (who had become disillusioned with the Music Industry) is now getting some serious love..

space_flat space_flat

Top 100's by genre, sorts the cream from the milk..

Bittunes effectively creates a merit based competitive marketplace for Independent Music..

All submitted tracks enter the system in their chosen genre, until that genre list fills up to 100 tracks. Tracks move in or out of Top 100’s based on both sales and quality ratings by members.

US2#1 on the Bittunes Indie Top 100.. ‘Madeleine Stowaway’ by Nightgown. “San Francisco dreamy doom sludge rock”  (Shades of T-Rex.. here)

The overall global Top 100 merges all genres together..

This list is sortable by name, era, date submitted, sales and country.. because great music is being made all over the world

Results from all genres are merged into an Overall Global Top 100. Ranking is determined not only by sales, but by crowd sourced quality ratings. (and we guarantee, never by payola!)

Singapore4Singapore based Zahidah has been sitting at the top of the Bittunes Overall Top 100 for most of the last 12 months. Find out why.. 🙂

View earnings by traded songs for accrued totals..

Bittunes is an earning platform.. for Artists and fans. You can view the purchases of people you follow, and typically send them a ‘micro earning’ by purchasing the same song..

As each sale occurs the Artist receives their payment instantly, and a selection of previous buyers of that track also share micro earnings.. instantly, anywhere in the world.

KenyaSaakush is a songwriter from Kenya. He says: “I am driven more by the need to make people feel Shalom with my music and creativity.”

Three classes of users.. creates 1 simple ecosystem

The ‘Music Manager’ category is for anyone who provides services to musicians.. could be a small indie label, an audio engineer or a roadie..

What this does is pull everything back to simple elements.. Simple is best, simple wins..  Then its up to all these individuals on a new kind of level playing field to interact as they like..

AustriaOf course music is also about breaking rules.. There are tracks on Bittunes you won’t hear on drive time radio.. like: ‘Fuck You’ by Austrian band ‘Schönheitsfehler’, enjoy..

Bittunes has many social features, like public & private messages..

Users can send public messages to their followers via the text input function on their ‘My Stream’ page, and private messages directly from any users public profile page.

All three classes of users can make song recommendations to other users by sending a private message via the ‘share’ link in the music player.

US2Occasionally you stumble on a real ‘genre bender’. Like this ‘EDM’ track from ‘Cesar Rodriguez’. ~ Do yourself a favor, have a listen..

All users can make offers.. or requests to each other

The Offers & Requests system is activated from a user’s private page, and all converge on the Offers & Requests page..

In what amounts to an ad hoc, free classified ad service across the Bittunes ecosystem, all classes of users can interact in an open exchange.. We look forward to seeing this system scale up with more and more features

US2Excited to see ‘The Mammoth” and “Frenchee” from the ‘Free Descendants of Man’ offering collaborations and suggesting royalty splits.. (can do) Here they are..

What are our users saying about Bittunes?

Brady Mckenna

“This could revolutionize the music industry I love the concept of fans benefiting financially from the success of the musicians they love.”

Shawn Owen

“Must have!! If you like music, you must try this platform out. And if you like technology, especially of you like bitcoin, you will love the innovation.”

Adam Wheeler

“Awesome app! This app is a real game changer in the independent music industry! These guys hit it out of the park! Music. Is. Now. Global. !!!”

Imri Paran

“Great concept! This app has the power to completely change the way the media industry works. It’s still in early stages but with greater adoption it can become an awesome platform for selling and discovering music.”

Steve Lambourne

“One of Bitcoin’s first killer apps Early days for the app but the concept is brilliant and, as with Bitcoin, the disruptive potential huge (the likes of which the music industry is long overdue).”

Ivor Thomas

“Gentlemen, this is the future In time Bittunes will be decentralized and linking artists and fans in bonds of love, music and money {yes, I mean Bitcoin). You’ll be able to say you were there at the start!”

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