Introducing FLEX..

To incentivize mass participation, create a content monetization standard, and extend the Bittunes Microearnings process across the internet



Convert your Points to Flex

You can now convert your Bittunes points to Flex tokens.. Click ‘Find out more’ below to apply.



What kind of world do we want for music?

The music industry and rights collection agencies have carved up the world into territories, with strict rules about what music can be played or sold where. But the music that is promoted by the industry is not representative of the diversity and richness of all the wonderful music being produced around the world. Bittunes mission is to use blockchain and bitcoin technology to achieve a massive re-set for how music is discovered and shared.

Did we mention..
you can earn bitcoin



just by buying and sharing?


and you can also convert your Bittunes points to Flex tokens, scroll down to find out how.



Flex is like a key..

The Flex token operates like a key to unlock various processes within the upcoming Bittunes 2.0 application. It will perform  functions related to payments, microearnings distribution in the application. Flex can also facilitate the storage of meta information encrypted within its structure.


Bittunes 2.0 has many revolutionary features like blockchain ID’s embedded in audio files and a ‘social songs’ feature that allows music files to index people relevant to each track.


Flex is also designed to facilitate sharing these and other innovations to other services on the internet via a kind of open API. We look forward to sharing more information about Flex soon.


To find out how you can qualify to buy Flex during the presale period visit this page.

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