Community Advisory Board

We are really excited that Bittunes already has members in more than 70 countries. It suggests to us that the simple principles underlying the Bittunes platform are very universal and easily appreciated by people all around the world. Fostering and developing the Bittunes Community is very important to us and for this reason we are wanting to establish a members advisory board to allow us to involve members of the Bittunes Community so that there is a direct line of feedback for us as to what members are thinking and experiencing.


There are already a number of Bittunes users who have shown a real passion for the platform, contributing ideas regularly and promoting Bittunes where they can, and we are very grateful to them. It is one of the reasons that we are opening a new Community forum with personal pages and Groups.. to help to support and encourage our members to share ideas and collaborate with us and between each other.

What do we expect from Community Board Members?

Firstly, we will create a dedicated Group where we can share ideas that we are considering with these members and seek your feedback. Also, generally we would expect that members take the time to follow new users in the app and help them understand Bittunes and the way it functions. There are some aspects of the current Bittunes app that are not straight forward and need to be explained to new users.
We will be working hard to make sure Bittunes 2.0 is much easier to understand, but we are not there yet, and we think that an active group of members thinking about these issues will really help new users and also help us in developing the new service. We are also very keen to have representation on this Board by members from many different countries so that Bittunes will be as international as possible.  If you are interested to be involved, please get in contact with us.







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