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This page is called ‘Community’ because it is the information hub about current activities. These pages provide an overview of where we have come from and where we are going to. However there is a dedicated Community page with forums, groups & personal pages for members to encourage communication and collaboration. The mini site map to the right shows the configuration and there are links to community pages in the side bar, below.

Below are various statistics representing the growth of the Bittunes platform. Although these numbers are relatively low compared to other music services, it is worth bearing in mind that Bittunes has not been trying to grow quickly, but rather to demonstrate a totally new way to think about ‘collective music distribution’, ‘self publishing’ and creating an independent global marketplace for music.

Bittunes Data & Metrics

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These are some figures about growth and activity of the current Bittunes platform.. (updating regularly)
“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

~ R. Buckminster Fuller

Unlike other music services, Bittunes ignores almost all existing music industry practices and conventions, bans major Label music from the platform and offers a simple rights and transactions framework for independent music that allows music buyers to profit from music purchases. We feel that these factors will eventually create lasting positive changes to reinvigorate a new kind of people powered global music ecosystem.

The current music industry represents less than 0.001% of available music

undiscoveredOne of the biggest misconceptions about the music industry is that the current industry represents anything like the true state of music in the world.. This Digital Music News article simply points to the tip of the ice berg. Understanding why requires explanation.

Its hard to get a record contract.. of all the bands and artists seeking one,  only a tiny fraction will achieve this.. Its probably something like 0.01% of Bands who try..

Who decides exactly what kind of music we listen to?

The recording industry grew very large and powerful due to the massive profits generated from CD sales, and although Apple’s iTunes forced them to accept unit sales of digital singles at lower price points profits remained high and their influence over what music came to our attention remained strong.

Then along came Youtube.. and the crowd.

“YouTube’s disruptive commercial impact on the music industry is well documented but the real threat to music is far more fundamental and can’t be ‘fixed,’ not even by the world’s best lawyers. This is because the most important impact YouTube is having on music is not commercial, it is cultural”.  ~ MIDEA Music Industry Blog

The impact of Youtube on the music industry has been extremely significant because it represented an intrinsically ‘bottom up’ rather than ‘top-down’ filtering process for music. Although Youtube is now heavily saturated with corporate music content, it has nevertheless provided a powerful example of the potential of crowd curation for music.

Then there’s all the artists around the world who are not currently trying to ‘get signed’..

The  99.9% of Bands and Artists trying to get a record contract don’t include the much larger group of musicians and artists all around the planet that are making and recording music, but for various reasons are not currently engaging with record companies..  This group is probably at least 100 times larger.

So this is what’s happening, now.. but remember.. something similar has been going on for at least five decades, if not more.. Through the 70’s 80’s 90’s and since 2000, people all around the world have been making and recording music.. a lot of this music may be being stored on magnetic tape in studios or in bedroom cupboards..

The total volume of this material is probably 100 times larger yet again, than all the artists not currently seeking record contracts.. This is something like the true state of music in the world.. and the rate of new music being made has probably never been greater.

So this is the really exciting challenge now for music lovers.. to bring as much of this music out as possible. It is similar to the effect Youtube has had on the music industry.. surprising music has come to all our attention purely because of the way Youtube has allowed a global wave of new entrants, from outside the conventional industry.

A global blockchain for music is inevitable

So, opening up an ocean of new music is the ideal role for a global blockchain database of music.. but, at Bittunes, we don’t think that such a music blockchain should be about replicating the antiquated rights systems of the 20th century. (i.e we think that blockchain Companies partnering with the RIAA is not a step in the right direction) Clearly, systems that integrate legacy old industry thinking are problematic because they don’t even apply to more than 99.9% of the potential music available.

So, inevitably there has to be an open global database of music.. and when this happens, the biggest issue is going to be ‘how to find really great music’.. not just playlists prescribed for us from less than 0.1% of the total music available.. and that is where Bittunes comes in.

It’s early days, but Bittunes is structured as a merit based crowd sorting mechanism for all music, from anywhere. It is an open global marketplace for music, that let’s the crowd sort the cream from the milk.

The current main stream system represents the interests of the few, not the many.. and feeds us content based on the interests of those that represent less than 0.01% of the music available.

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Bittunes Seed Round

Details of the current progress of the round. Please contact us if you would like to know more.


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Bittunes Meetups

Bittunes Meetups

London Music Disruption Meetup

Discuss the Bittunes 2.0 platform, what's next?

June 22, 2016 @ 7:30 pm

This is our 2nd meetup for this year.. We are keen to meet new members here in London, to discuss…

1 attendee RSVP?

Location: The Mahogany Bar, Wilton's Music Hall 1 Graces Alley (off Ensign Street), London,