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Shooter Jennings is the definition of ‘Badass’

The quintessential no bullshit 21st century rock star, with a pedigree to die for, he is a survivor who refuses to be pigeon holed, runs his own Indie Label.. and full Bitcoin node.

Shooter_longHe is significant not because of huge record sales, or the fact that he comes from Country Music Royalty, (the son of Country music legends Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter). He is notable because, despite this legacy and all the challenges and dramas it forced upon him, he is not only a true survivor, but he has carved out a unique reputation and credibility in his own right.

He has done this not only as a fiercely independent Artist and Label owner, but also surprisingly, as a tireless Bitcoin advocate and outspoken provocative voice in the music industry, that has not won him any popularity contests within the tight knit musical establishment in Nashville where he was raised.

A cross over Country/Country Rock natural, Shooter effortlessly slips into (musical) shoes that would have made his legendary father very proud, and has locked in a loyal following within fans of these genres. However, don’t expect this guy to rest on his laurels and sit back and play the Nashville game that would have been so easy for him to dominate.

“..the most dangerous, most deceptive artist in the overall country music world right now”

Shooter_Manson2He has teamed up with an eclectic bunch of collaborators as diverse as horror author Stephen King (on the 2009 Album ‘Black Ribbons’) and ‘shock rock’ star Marilyn Manson in one of his latest projects, a tribute album to the “Godfather of Disco” Giorgio Moroder.. In other words, ‘Don’t label me Bro’ ..I’ll do what I damn well want. So, perhaps its little wonder that proclaimed: “Shooter Jennings is the most dangerous, most deceptive artist in the overall country music world right now.”  But we don’t think Shooter would worry one little bit about such a description, in fact he would wear it like a badge.

Fenixon: Pure Country Music DNA fused with a hard rockin’ techno 1980’s vibe

Shooter_WaylonHowever, for various reasons, here at Bittunes, we have been really fascinated by Shooter’s Album ‘Fenixon’ (available on Bittunes) which features numerous tracks with Shooter in collaboration with his late father, Waylon Jennings. This album was recorded around 1996 and reworked and remixed and finally released in 2014.

From a Copyright/Recording Industry perspective it is an intriguing and highly unusual situation. The vast majority of Waylon Jennings catalog is owned by RCA Victor, MCA, and Epic Records, and Shooter can lay no claim or ownership to these works. But the songs and recordings made privately between father and son, (some when Shooter was only around 16 years old),  fall outside the contracts that bound Waylon Jennings. Consequently they are wholly owned by Shooter and he has been free to mix and merge them as he liked.. and the result is often quite profound. A highly personal and complex fusion of these two men, giving us insights into their relationship and personal stories.

At times disarmingly personal, often dark and almost threatening.. but very cool

This Album gives us raw energetic bursts of Shooter during what was obviously a very formative experimental musical period, mixed with Waylon Jenning’s unmistakable voice, sitting on drum machines and synthesizer bed tracks.. At times disarmingly personal, often dark and almost threatening, (especially the track ‘I Found the Body’) but very cool. This is pure Country Rock DNA fused with kind of hard rockin’ techno 1980’s vibe. Enigmatic to say the least..

Bitcoin, blockchain, ownership rights and future directions

We’ve had a number of fascinating conversations with Shooter about bitcoin, the blockchain and the future plans of Bittunes, and about what kind of features he would like to see in the platform. We are very simpatico about protecting the rights of Artists as a priority, and reform of rights protection. There are many aspects of existing copyright laws and the way that they are applied that are out of date and not really helping the creators of music. However, Artists will always be interested in establishing simple proof of ownership of their work, and the blockchain offers great potential for this, especially when augmented with a transaction based platform like Bittunes. On this we agree.

We cannot think of another well known Artist who has been so willing to take risks and innovate with actions not just words, and go out on so many limbs.. We look forward to working with Shooter, and hearing more of his unique edgy musical creations.

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