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Partner Program | Level 1

We are looking for 10 independent producers and/or Independent Labels who would like to be part of the Alpha testing of our new systems being developed. You will be featured and promoted at our Launch, get a head-start on everyone else, and we will give you the tools to build a strong following, and be able to gain unique insights into who your fans are and why they like you.


Level 1 : Entry Level (For New Artists)

Join the partner program, receive 30,000 Flex Tokens, one Bittunes Channel, a Featured Artist Review, and early access to customize your Bittunes 2.0 Music Business Profile.


The aim of the program in general is to induct a number of existing Bittunes members into the new systems that will power Bittunes 2.0. so that when we launch there will already be advanced activity to help others grasp how these processes work.

About Level One

Level One of the program is about putting you on track to becoming a Bittunes Power User, with a parcel of Flex Tokens and a Bittunes Channel of your choice in your specialty Genre, and helping you get ready for a Featured Artist promotion. You will also be able to contribute ideas and vote on the suggestions and submissions of other members of the Partner Program. In short, you will be part of an external ‘think tank’ and will be credited for this work (in a list of contributors) when we launch Bittunes 2.0.

Bittunes Channel Strategy

It’s important to choose the right Channel. For instance, if you are working in the ‘Electronic Music’ field you may wish to buy the relevant Channel in your Country, (if you see the potential of bringing in other Electronic Artists in that territory). Or, alternatively, you may wish to secure a Channel in what you believe will be a popular category and country, i.e. ‘Hip Hop / USA’ or ‘Pop / UK’.. However it is probably wise to choose a Channel that you have some existing traction and credibility in.

Flex Tokens Strategy

Your Flex tokens can be sold in the open market (once the token has been listed on exchanges), or provided to other Artists, (as incentives), who join your Channel, or to Fans as a reward for posting about you on Social Media etc.

Featured Artist Promotion

We will help you develop your content, with graphics or by making introductions to other Artists who you can collaborate with. If you already have your content and story ready to promote, we will do an interview with you and publish you as a Featured Artist, after the Bittunes 2.0 launch.


1. Receive your Flex Tokens, sign NDA, and receive initial briefing from us about exact systems to be developed.

2. One month to become acquainted with the new Bittunes systems being developed, choose your Bittunes Channel.

3. Join the collaboration site to discuss, with other program contributors, the various systems being developed, (contribution ongoing).

4. Work with us to develop your Channel page.

5. Share your content project (EP, Album etc) with us, and work with us to refine, or move straight to interview, interview joins queue, (one Featured Artist interview will be published per week after Bittunes 2.0 launch) .

6. We publish your Featured Artist interview.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Eth_Token_fadedCost: 1 Eth (or equivalent in US$)
(Note, 30,000 Flex Tokens are currently worth approx 1 Eth)

NOTE: If you have already purchased Flex tokens in the Private Presale, you are eligible for a discount. Please discuss with us.


Pearce Van Der Merwe

Level 1: Entry Level

“As we know the state of the music industry (and any others based on the capitalist model) is crumbling, which is not a coincidence as the new decentralized systems start to show their faces.

Music should be shared, however at the same time the makers should be recognized and compensated accordingly. However that happens, the control should be in the hands of the artist (we have waited a long time for this!) and the blockchain model of distribution can help to realize this concept.

Bittunes is among the pioneers of this new model in the musical context, so I’m very happy and excited to support and test out the system.”

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Bringing Artists and Fans Together

Let us help you give your career a fresh start.. We need enthusiastic people who are willing to collaborate and help make Bittunes even more amazing.

Apply to Partner Program (Level 1)

This is the application form for entry level participation in the Bittunes Partner Program. Please identify yourself properly so we can understand more about you. If you are an existing Bittunes member, please use the email address that you use to login to Bittunes, so we can locate your account. We are looking forward to working with you.

Application Form Level 1

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