What kind of world do we want for music?

The music industry and rights collection agencies have carved up the world into territories, with strict rules about what music can be played or sold where. But the music that is promoted by the industry is not representative of the diversity and richness of all the wonderful music being produced around the world. Bittunes mission is to use blockchain and bitcoin technology to achieve a massive re-set for how music is discovered and shared.

An overview of the planned features for Bittunes 2.0

We have been planning the next version of Bittunes for well over a year.. There were always going to be some ‘must-have’ elements, like simple rights and transactions on a Blockchain and support for variable royalty splits to enable small Indie Labels to participate on the platform. We had some great feedback from our users, both musicians and music fans. We learned that there were some unexpected ways that we could extend Bittunes to answer some very real needs of artists that had never occurred to us. We researched these new potential features thoroughly and conceived of some really cool ways to extend Bittunes while actually making the service simpler. All of these things have been included into our plan for Bittunes 2.0.

Cross Platform Web App

Extending the current Android service to
a Javascript based web service, to also run
on all mobile platforms.

Variable Transaction Splits

Full support for variable transactions to
enable participation from Indie Labels,
and proportional splits for bands.

Blockchain for Simple Rights

A simple rights and transactions Blockchain
implementation to provide the framework for
an open global blockchain for Indie music.

Embedded Blockchain IDs

Embedded Blockchain ID’s in each audio
file using digital audio fingerprinting to
create a smart network based system.

CRM Tools for Artists

A global sms signup service in conjunction
with a new ‘social songs’ feature to promote
viral adoption of the platform.

P2P Recommendation

New proprietary p2p technology for fans
to receive personalized crowd sourced recommendations

Another way of understanding Bittunes Channels is that they are essentially a way to create some kind of centralization of content in a platform that will contain an ever increasing, diverse and overwhelming amount of music. Although we will develop other tools for users to find great content, we feel that personal recommendations and collections will always add significant value.

Any Bittunes user can purchase a license for one or more channels. They can be bought for use as a way to feature music collections, to represent a stable of artists, or as an investment.

Channel owners will receive the 20% commission on tracks sold in their channels that Bittunes normally receives on traded songs. Channel owners can also negotiate with individual artists to receive percentages on tracks promoted in that channel, just like an Indie Label. Bittunes will make Channels highly visible and searchable on the 2.0 platform, giving maximum exposure to the tracks featured.

Available for pre-purchase right now

Channels will be available for multi year licenses, meaning that you can secure the use of each channel for an extended period of time, but also, be able to sell the rights to operate any given channel on an open exchange on the upcoming Bittunes 2.0 platform. You can view the Submission page for expressions of interest in securing a Channel  by clicking here.

An ‘Ownership/Trading Table‘ displays current Channel Licensees, and will function as a basic trading exchange until Bittunes 2.0 goes live.


Introductory Pricing

(this is a promotional price)
฿0.5/Per Channel
  • Channels are currently available for a limited time for 0.5 Bitcoin per channel for 2 year licenses, with right of renewal, at that price.
  • Note: the value of Channels will float on a market based exchange, based on demand, and the license can be sold at any time.
  • Apply for a Bittunes Channel

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