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Bittunes Partner Program

2018/2019 Cohort


Partner Program: Participants


1. Indie Record Label :

I own and operate Artspoke Recording, a small recording studio in downtown Berkeley, CA.  I’m usually working with 8-10 bands at any given time, releasing about as many albums each year.  The artists vary greatly by genre, to include rock, R&B, pop, punk, salsa, afro-peruvian, spiritual, funk, singer-songwriter, spoken word, and more.  The studio is a place you can come in whistling, and leave with a fully produced piece of music.

What we are missing is what comes next after production, distribution.  I have a catalog of dozens of albums, and thousands of copies on CD.  That old method was never great, and has gotten worse.  I want to build a platform where our grassroots can grow together, and from which we can help each other get our music further out there into the listening public.

James Boblak

Indie Record Label Owner, USA

2. Bittunes Artist: Shake9169

My name is Shake M.C. El… First of i am a humanist and advocate for the uplifting of humanity. More tangibly I am a spoken word hip hop artist, communications director & media consultant.

My interest in your site comes from my study of the music industry and the transition to digital currency. I think you and your team are at the cutting edge and being from Australia helps, the politics of music in the  U.S. could be stiflingly. I am originally from the California the S.F Bay Area, and long term hub from independent artists & music, if selected to your program I would use my network within California and the U.S terriory of producers, artists, Dj’s & club owners to use your platform via my digital content label OMY Ent. (OUTMACKYOURSELF)  to introduce them to digital currency world through the entertainment industry.

Shake Anderson

Artist, Media Consultant, USA

3. Bittunes Artist: Mr. Whitebeats

My name is Wojciech “MrWhiteBeats” Ignatowski and I’m from Warsaw in Poland. I’m an independent Hip-Hop music producer, digital distribution strategist, and independent Spotify playlist curator.

Currently, my job is a digital project manager in a big polish media company but I have a dream to work independently in the future.

I would like to help musicians in my country to distribute their music via BitTunes and educate them about new ways of earning money from their music in the new era of the music industry.

Despite that, I would like also to cooperate with musicians from all over the world and create great music with them.



Wojciech Ignatowski

Artist/ Producer, Poland

4. Indie Record Label: CypherPop Records

CypherPop Records supports of all sorts, for Bands across the Lands!

CypherPop records provides contextual support to Artists as they explore the future of blockchain integrated music. We are partnering with Artists, Labels, Producers, Promoters and Songwriters to build the foundation of the future of music where those who create get paid and the community provides the leverage needed for growth.

We have been a member of Bittunes since September 2015 and have watched the Community grow and have stayed closely in touch with the team as they have worked with Artists to plan the next stage of Bittunes. There are some really important innovations in the upcoming Bittunes 2.0 that will make a big difference to working Bands, so we are really excited to play an active role as things move forward.

It was for these reasons that we recently decided to enlarge our stake in Bittunes to 1%. We are really excited about the Partner Program and the Bittunes Channels concept. Expect some announcements from us soon. 🙂


Matt Gethers

Aspiring Record Label, USA

5. Bittunes Artist: Vegabond

I am a music producer (pop, electronic, hip-hop). I am also interested in publishing digital music content. Working with people of various cultural backgrounds is always fun and makes me more inspired.

Through this program, I would like to meet many talented singers and rappers all over the world and would like to work with them.

Furthermore, if possible, I would like to set up and run a record-label with many great artists, and explore how to work with Bittunes Channels to build a following for the styles of music I am interested in.



David Han

Artist/Producer, South Korea

6. Bittunes Artist: Diffuse Loop

I am a musician and a music producer from Croatia. My sound is influenced by downtempo, trip hop & hip hop. You can check out my 4-song EP “Let It Burn” on the Bittunes platform.

I’m a strong believer in decentralization and making it possible for people to make a living doing what they love. In today’s music industry it’s really hard to get noticed or paid for your music, especially if it doesn’t fit a specific genre. That’s the reason why I’m a big fan of cryptocurrency and why I became a part of Bittunes platform.

I believe Bittunes is a great opportunity for independent artists to be heard by a wider audience and to meet and collaborate with people who share the same passion towards music.


Mario Knezevic

Artist/ Producer, Croatia

7. Indie Record Label: DifferentDrumz

My name is Greg Haines, I am a crypto enthusiast , music producer and co owner of Different Drumz Recordings, a Drum & Bass record label from the UK. We also have a drum and bass online radio station on

I have been following Bittunes since its early days and have always seen its huge potential. My original interest in Bittunes was due to its potential to help with piracy. Piracy is quite a big problem in the drum and bass scene and Bittunes seemed like a good solution by providing an incentive for people to profit by sharing music legally. It will also be great for music producers to get a fairer share of profits by using the Bittunes model.

I’m really excited about Bittunes Channels, and finding out more about other projects in the pipeline, and working with the team to see what can happen. You can find me on the Bittunes App as the Bittunes Maker Account “Eazy G”.

Greg Haines

Indie Label, United Kingdom

8. Bittunes Artist: Flooting Grooves/Groovity

I am a musician and producer of electronic music since 2005. The power of music to transform and heal human beings is the source of my passion for this artform. Its ability to transcend borders, cultural barriers, age etc is where it’s at for me. I have a broad range of musical background and culture, remanifesting itself as a range of psychedelic beats and non beats in my own production. I collaborate with a few different producers and musicians to create a variety of material, which gets performed mostly at outdoor festivals and sometimes in indoor venues.

As we know the state of the music industry (and any others based on the capitalist model) is crumbling, which is not a coincidence as the new decentralised systems start to show their faces. Music should be shared, however at the same time the makers should be recognised and compensated accordingly. However that happens, the control should be in the hands of the artist (we have waited a long time for this!) and the blockchain model of distribution can help to realise this concept. Bittunes is amongst the pioneers of this new model in the musical context, so I’m very happy and excited to support and test out the system.

Pearce Van Der Merwe

Artist, Producer, South Africa

9. Bittunes Artist: Zoom Zoom Tina

When she’s not behind the camera you can find her in front of one, posing as her own model in many of her still photos and hence her alter ego ZoomZoomTina was born. ZoomZoomTina is an artist and an upcoming talent who performs her own original songs, music and lyrics written and directed by Tina Marie. Although Bittunes will mostly be the Trap/instrumentals side of her music.

What I hope to gain from this program is to get my music out there to the right person to anyone who truly needs inspiration. For someone to say “I didn’t give up ” because I inspired them. That listening to my songs showed you can be different from everyone else. You don’t need tons of money but the willpower to move ahead. At some point start ZoomZoomTina/Productions & label, while working together with other artists and discover some amazing musical talents.

I have some interesting ideas for the new Bittunes and can’t wait to start working on it.



Zoom Zoom Tina

Artist, From USA

10. Bittunes Artist: Lastbullet
I’m a Spanish bassist and songwriter based in London, UK. I played for years in all kind of bands, at the moment I’m working in my solo project “Lastbullet” along with the french drummer Samy Doreau, where I have the freedom to write songs without as many genre constraints.
I’ve been in both mainstream and underground bands but now I’m more interested in the unsigned/DIY scene, and I think blockchain and Bittunes can really help smaller and non-easy listening bands getting a more sustainable career and income, since the centralized main actors (streaming platforms and stores, rights collection societies etc) conditions are unfair and inconvenient in most cases.
The ball has just started rolling but I believe it’s important to be an early adopter, so I’m more than happy to be a part of this, and try and make this change together.


Carlos Rodriguez

Artist, From Spain (Now in U.K.)

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