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The Bittunes 2.0 Partner Program

We are looking for 10 independent producers and/or Independent Labels who would like to be part of the Alpha testing of our new systems being developed.

This is not a passive program, we are wanting members to have genuine involvement with us. We also want you to tell us what you would like to see in a music service so that we can learn from you and customize solutions around your needs.

There are three levels available, from basic involvement to deeper collaboration. Places are limited, and there are costs attached, but a heap of benefits too. Please read on.

We have an amazing resource to work with..

Over the last several years Bittunes has built a unique community of members across more than 100 countries. Many of our members have provided amazing feedback which has helped us plan new breakthrough features for the next version of Bittunes. This new program represents an opportunity to deepen this process, giving participants a chance to play an ongoing role in shaping these services and to also have a well established business presence when we launch, to help you build your exposure and international fan base.

Overview of the Program

There are three levels to the program, offering different degrees of involvement. Each level comes with a package of benefits from different sized allocatons of Flex Tokens, (usable in both Bittunes and the new Independent Rights Portal), to securing the Bittunes Channel (or Channels) of your choice in your chosen territory. Plus a ‘Featured Artist’ review of your work, and even equity in the Company for those choosing level three.

Entry Level (For New Artists)

Receive 30,000 Flex Tokens, One Bittunes Channel, Featured Artist Review, Early access to customize your Business Profile.

Intermediate (For Artists or Labels)

Receive 100,000 Flex tokens, Two Bittunes Channels, Featured Artist Review, Develop your own fully Featured Indie Label.

Equity Partner (for Serious Players)

Receive 500k Flex tokens, 3 Bittunes Channels, Extended Media Promotion, Create Indie Label or New Feature, Equity.

New systems at a glance

There are a range of new systems being developed in this next phase which have been designed to create the basis for a new ecosystem for independent music with an Open Rights Portal serving as the primary foundation for content creators.

Open Rights Portal

We have always believed in the inevitability of a global blockchain for music, now we are ready to build it.

Smart Audio Files

All audio files in the Open Rights Portal will have their own Blockchain ID embedded as a digital watermark.

Proof of Traction

The Proof of Traction system is a blockchain based rewards engine that serves as a multi featured CRM system.

Social Songs

The Social Songs module will reveal a ‘people history’ relevant to each user when displayed in the Bittunes interface.

Scroll down to read more detail about the Independent Rights Portal, Bittunes Channels and the long term road map of Bittunes and sister Company Edgelogic Ltd.

The Independent Rights Portal

We believe that creating a simple ownership record of your music should be as easy as dropping newly created content into a ‘time-stamping portal’, and have that time-stamped ID embedded permanently into your tracks.

This is now an important foundation concept for Bittunes.To create an independent service that will provide a simple way for Artists all over the world to register ownership of their music. It will be run as a non-profit organisation with Bittunes as its first customer.

Flex binds the Independent Rights Portal and Bittunes 2.0 together..

Flex powers the core functions inside Bittunes and also in the Independent Rights Portal. Think of Flex like the gasoline in a car, or like a key to open certain functions in these platforms. It is definitively a utility token, because it enables various processes to take place. It can also be earned by Fans by their music sharing activity, and generated as part of the rewards system inherent in the ‘Proof of Traction’ protocol. Because of this, Flex will always be in demand as both of Bittunes and the Rights Portal grow their user bases. If you would like to know more about Flex, or the Proof of Traction system, please visit the Flex Web site.

Bittunes Channels are Curated ‘Genre Specific’ Properties that can be built up like a business and traded


Bittunes Channels are like a new type of music business that you can develop and eventually sell on an open exchange. If you have expertise in a particular genre and know other artists working in the same style of music in your territory, then owning a Channel in that territory is a great way to leverage that expertise and those contacts. Channels extend on Bittunes Top 100’s system in that they provide deep (unlimited) track lists, curated by you.

Channels will be featured and searchable on the Bittunes platform and also ranked by popularity and relevance for users. You can buy one or many, develop them by inviting and featuring other Artists working in the same style of music in your territory and negotiate a percentage of sales revenue from the artists that you feature and promote. Channels in a Genre and territory are exclusive and cannot be duplicated, i.e. If you own ‘Hip Hop / U.K’, there can not be another ‘Hip Hop / U.K’.

Let’s go a little deeper, into our long term strategies..

Next generation sorting and recommendation technology that provides highly personalized results, tailored to individual users is a massive opportunity. Just as search systems and browsers became the biggest companies on the web in the 1990’s, P2P recommendation and search systems for content (and people) will dominate the post blockchain landscape. Bittunes already functions as a sorting/recommendation system due to it being a merit based competitive marketplace for Independent Music. However, this aspect of Bittunes will become much more important as more and more content is available in the Bittunes 2.0 system. In this video we discuss the proposed introduction of a ‘distributed folksonomy’ and explain the broad concepts behind such a system.

“What is going to be one of the biggest problems in this new era of exponentially more active and diverse participants, is simply finding stuff and being found ”

Simon Edhouse MSTC, Managing Director

Level3Participants in Level 3 of the Partner Program will have full access to the details of these other spin off projects that will be developed on the back of Bittunes. There is a patent being developed for the ‘Distributed Folksonomy’ system, and there will be many opportunities arising from these new ventures, which you will be encouraged to brainstorm with us.

Advisory Board

Bittunes is honored to have the support of a number of distinguished industry luminaries on our Advisory Board.

David Orban

Managing Partner of Network Society Ventures, a New York based Venture Capital Firm

Jon Matonis

Economist, Speaker, Crypto Researcher and Founding Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation

Michel Bauwens

Director and founder of the P2P Foundation, he lectures internationally on P2P theory

Thomas Vander Wal

Information Scientist, Internet Technology Consultant, famous for coining the term Folksonomy

Anders Larson

Former CTO with Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC), Blockchain Advisor, Crypto Currency Investor

Wayne Rosso

Music Industry Veteran,  Promoter, Former Chairman of Grokster P2P File sharing Application

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the Partner Program or would just like to leave us a message, feel free to contact us.

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