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  • The images above are hypothetical examples of Bittunes Channels
  • You can apply for the preferred channel and country in the form opposite.
  • View the Channel licenses that have already been purchased on this page.
Bittunes Channels | Overview

One of the biggest problems for music fans is to find great new music to listen to. Everyone’s taste is different and there is potentially so much music available that fans have a massive over abundance of choice. Bittunes Channels is one way to help fix this problem.

As Bittunes grows larger and larger music fans will be looking for ways to find exciting new tracks, and although these kind of recommendations can be made via algorithms, there is great potential for personally curated recommendation services.

Bittunes Channels are like a new form of Independent Label, that you can build up like a business, and eventually sell on an open exchange.

Apply For A Channel

Please use the form below to let us know about the Channel (Genre and Country) that you are interested in.

Genre Channel Form

  • Please select the Genre that you are interested in
  • If your preferred Genre is not in this list please enter it in the field above and we will contact you to discuss
  • Please select the country you are wishing to associate with the Genre you have selected. (Note: This does not have to be the country in which you live)
  • Please add any relevant comments or questions that you may have in the field above an we will get back to you as soon as possible.