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Up to this point Bittunes has been almost completely self-funded, however in preparation for the next phase of development of Bittunes 2.0 ‘Tamarind’, we are opening a small seed round  to raise enough capital to develop a single code-base web service with Blockchain integration, so that the Bittunes platform can scale effectively to be available for millions of users.

Some explanation about how we see this funding round..

This funding round is primarily for existing users of the platform who have expressed interest in investing, and a limited number of other individuals or companies that are closely associated with the project or have some strategic connection with us.

We are keeping the overall valuation of Bittunes generously low in this round, as an inclusive gesture to reward those who have contributed or will contribute to the growth of Bittunes ahead of seeking Series A funding at a much higher valuation later in 2016. So this particularly applies to members of the Bittunes community who have been with us through the growth of the service and have made regular and valuable contributions to the platforms growth. Many Bittunes members have expressed interest in investing in the company, and now that we see a very clear way forward to an exciting future, we would like to welcome these individuals to invest with us.  ~ If you feel you fall into the category outlined above and have not been contacted by us, please feel free to reach out.

This is the process that is facilitated by this website..

The site map below has three areas highlighted. ‘A‘ is the page you are on right now. Then there is a private discussion group page at ‘B‘  (Contact us for access) This group is for general discussion if you are interested to know more about our deeper plans and some details about the seed round. Finally ‘C‘ is our separate password protected site with specific details about the round for folks who are really serious about investing with us. (please use the contact form below if you would like to ask us any questions)

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