The Current Bittunes App

In late 2013 the Bittunes team set about developing an Android application that could pull together all the concepts that we felt were important into one integrated service. Developing on the Android platform was really our only alternative because at that stage Apple was not allowing Bitcoin based apps into their App Store, and Android offered the greatest flexibility and global reach.

It has always been our intention to open the Bittunes platform to operate on as many devices as possible, but initially there were more important issues to test and understand.

We knew that it was crucial to build a community and to validate the core ideas behind the Bittunes concept. There had been so much hype about ‘streaming services’ and how the era of music downloads was dead.. but we felt that the simple concept of users earning in partnership with artists to distribute their music was something that had never been tested. What we discovered gave us a lot of confidence.

The Bittunes App in the words of our users..

What we discovered.. yes, people get it.

Happily, we found that individuals from all around the world were not only able to quickly understand these concepts, but many grasped the significance and potential of the ideas with enthusiasm. After all, the large file sharing applications that rose to prominence between 2000 and 2010 often had 300M+ users, so there was a large global user base that had become accustomed to innovation in music distribution, and were still apparently very receptive to related ideas.

To our surprise, we also discovered..

  • Although people can stream all tracks indefinitely, they still like to buy..
  • Buying in Bittunes is very social, people buy as a form of communicaton..
  • People buy, specifically to send a micro-earning to a previous buyer..
  • People buy the tracks they think will sell well.. and like to promote them

We also listened to how users would like to improve Bittunes..

We had some great feedback from our users, both musicians and music fans.. We learned that some artists wanted more flexibility with pricing and the percentage ratios that are paid in relation to their tracks, (we are ok with that as long as its quite transparent for all users). We had a lot of discussions about rights collection and copyright issues, and confirmed that most of our artists are very interested in certification of their song ownership on a blockchain.

We learned that there were some unexpected ways that we could extend Bittunes to answer some very real needs of artists that had never occurred to us. We researched these new potential features thoroughly and conceived of some really cool ways to extend Bittunes while actually making the service simpler. All of these things have been included into our plan for Bittunes 2.0. 🙂